Two months are passed since the release of "Antologia" and I feel able to express a personal opinion.
The first impression that I feel just by watching at the cover is that I am in front of one of the sad and melancholic "Best of..." that are cinically published shortly after the death of every group, almost as creased warning on the walls which declare the death of a citizen of our town. And this impression strengthen even more when I open the CD, when I read the booklet and listen to the songs. Obviously these funerary images are not caused by the lyrics and by the music, but by the simple fact that I cannot find any trace of Madredeus in those pages, as well as in the choice of the songs: we can read comments written by others, there are no messages from the group and all the iconography clashes with the one of the other official albums. We can see many photos, maybe too many, shot in the privacy of the tour's life, photos that almost hurted me, making me feel embarrassed, just as in front of too intimate confidences.
The reading of the way in which the songs have been chosen just made me think in an operation imposed on Madredeus from outside, which obviously brought to an improper use of the literary and musical material. I do not want now to be offensive with the poor guys which had to create this mix: probably everybody would have made a wrong choice. And I do not want to say that "Antologia" is wrong; I just write the impressions that it gave me.

It is probable that "Antologia" will be a very good marketing operation; much more qualified people supportet this thesis, but I wonder how can be good the release of an album which violates the iconography of the group, which violates the equilibriums among the songs. And it also has the claim to represent thirteen years of Madredeus, giving to all the people approaching Madredeus with it, the idea that they are in front of what Madredeus really is. And they'll probably lose the interest for the official production.


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