From: Carlos Griesang (
Date: Sat Dec 12 23:42:45 1998

Thank you

Thank you for the great site.

From: enrico galimberti (
Date: Sat Dec 12 14:28:05 1998

a guide to portuguese music

Thanks very much dear Ludovico for your site and for the news. One year ago I bought a cd by EMI Portugal - Music from the edge of the world - including some of the most interesting songs of modern portuguese production:
MD, Dancas ocultas, Carlos Paredes, Vitorino, Antonio Pinho Vargas, etc. This is a very beautiful CD, revealing the vitality of music in that country. Anyway, as it is not easy to find most of that material entirely, and to approach the rest of the production of every single artist or group, I would like to suggest the creation of a living guide to it, maybe something like the a forum or referendum, as you promoted a few months ago for MD best songs. Can your <volcano> mind find out something for that? Bye. Enrico Galimberti

From: Damon Fernandes (
Date: Wed Dec 9 08:52:39 1998

Thank You

Thanks for the great site! I was wondering if I'll be able to catch a Madredeus concert while I'm in Lisboa from Jan. 8 - 18. Any idea?

From: Christos (
Date: Wed Nov 11 18:56:12 1998

Madredeus LIVE in Athens

I love Madredeus. I was happy and lucky to watch them in Athens live some years ago.
I also have the video tape from that live appearance in pallas theatre. They were just majestic. if you are interested in that live video, e mail me at :
I am from GREECE.

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Mon Nov 9 13:47:00 1998

A site to visit and remember...

Dear friend Ludovico,
needless to say how much I appreciate your splendid work about MadreDeus! I just want to tell you that I have made a banner with a hyper link in my homepage to access your marvelous site! I hope more and more people come here and enjoy your work!

your Brazilian friend and fan

Robertson Frizero Barros

From: Andrija Srek (asrek@eunet.yu)
Date: Mon Nov 9 11:55:08 1998


I love your music! Keep on!!!
I write reviews for a local rock magazine. How can I get promo CD copies of MADREDEUS?

From: Andrija Srek (asrek@eunet.yu)
Date: Mon Nov 9 11:52:33 1998


I love your music! Keep on!!!

From: Koji KATO (
Date: Wed Nov 4 10:36:09 1998

Happy Birth !!

Hello Ludovico.
Thank you for a great information,
and thank you for your mail.

You are enigmatic more and more !!

From: Pupecki Eugeniusz (
Date: Fri Oct 23 14:48:24 1998

You are GREAT!!!

Thank you for this side. I am from Poland. I love Madradeus and your music! I love Portugal and i love Lisboa!!!

From: Sean-Michael Radford (
Date: Fri Oct 16 15:44:04 1998


I cannot describe what this music means to me. It has flown in and through me like blood and has now been poured out of me into my own compositions. The music and the voice come from both somewhere outside of myself and inside. Like deja vu. Thank you.

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Wed Oct 7 19:15:48 1998


Dear friend...

As you know I am far from the net for a while... I am now in a public library, using my few time on the net to tell you that your site is better than ever! Congratulations!

I miss hearing from you a lot...

Keep enchanting all of us! Your passion is growing beautifully, and, as Wenders said once about MadreDeu´s...IT KEEPS GROWING ON YOU. WELL, AT LEAST IT KEEPS GROWING ON ME.

your Brazilian friend and fan

Robertson Frizero Barros

From: Matteo Di Sante (
Date: Sun Sep 20 18:59:45 1998

Just a few words....

HI Ludovico!!!
Thanks for your site, is a great net-work!!! I fix it in my bookmark.
Teresa, come back soon!!!

From: Luis M. Franchini (
Date: Sun Sep 20 13:37:13 1998


Te escribo en esta ocasion para felicitarte por tu
pagina, considero que esta preciosa.

From: davide (
Date: Fri Sep 18 19:11:00 1998

ciao ludovico
wonderful site with an amazing collection of teresa's pics. And it all lies within the sweetest poetry....
funny that i am writing in english to another italian!
thanks (again=) for linking my page

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Thu Sep 17 06:19:20 1998

Astonished abbout the new site...

I have just entered your site, which I have visited and visited many times, and...what a surprise, what a shocking! It is simply beautiful, you have changed almost everything, and besides, oh, that marvelous text that opens the EMOTIONAL section... I must express my admiration to you... Your site, your dedication to MadreDeus must be recognized... You're a poet, and, besides, a master of the art of express emotions on the net!
Keep on being this marvelous person you are!


From: Cheryl (venus0824)
Date: Sun Sep 13 15:17:28 1998

Just discovered Madredeus!

I wish I could speak the language so I could read all these messages! Last night I purchased O ESPIRITO DA PAZ and listened to it today. It is wonderful! I have been searching for months for a cd by Madredeus and could never find any here in Michigan. I was going to special order one when much to my surprise I finally found 3 cd's at a local music store. I learned about Madredeus many months ago while surfing the net-I am a big Enya fan and was on a website that said if you like Enya then you may also like...and they listed many other musical groups. I was intrigued when I read about Madredeus. My grandfather was from the Azores and my grandmother and all of my mother's family are Portuguese, who live in Rhode Island, some formerly from New Bedford and Fall River, Massachussetts. My grandparents are gone now and since my mother doesn't really speak the language, I never hear it, especially living in Michigan. The music and Teresa's voice is ha

From: (
Date: Fri Sep 11 21:12:47 1998

A precious tribute to Madredeus, and to their message.

From: Luis M. Franchini (
Date: Wed Sep 9 22:56:34 1998


Te agradezco tu comentario acerca de donde puedo conseguir articulos sobre Madredeus.

From: Mikel Zabaleta (
Date: Fri Sep 4 09:53:24 1998


Moito Obrigado Madredeus

From: Mario Morretta (
Date: Tue Sep 1 13:35:02 1998

Salve a tutti

Why I'd have not to leave a message, I thought.
So, let me join to the choir of happy voices satisfying its need of grace and beautifulness leastening at a fascinating portuguese voice...
let it be, Mario

From: Pedro González (
Date: Mon Aug 31 11:30:24 1998


Gracias, Ludovico, por sentir la música de Madredeus como un árbol de profundas raíces a cuya sombra nos deleitamos para acercarnos cada vez más a los caminos del corazón.

Pedro González.

From: Koji KATO (
Date: Mon Aug 31 11:03:16 1998

Will you permit ?

Hello Ludovico,
I'm sorry that I've not been contributed to your guestbook for a long time.
(But I've often visited here !)
It's dificult for me to understand your letter (love letter?) to Madredeus.
But, if you permit, I'm considering trying to translate wonderful articles in your site into Japanese, and running them in my site.
(To tell the truth, my parents can read English much better than I ! !)
I'll make my site have various articles related to Madredeus.

I've been put a guestbook for ONLY Madredeus.
If possible please contribute to it.

From: Raul Branco (
Date: Sat Aug 29 06:58:31 1998

Site + Poem

Congratulations! You've done a beautiful job! And the poem by Robertson is incredible: no other could express so well the Madredeus' spirit! It's in my bookmark forever!

From: Davide (
Date: Sat Aug 29 05:54:08 1998

Ciao Ludovico,il tuo sito è grande complimenti!
Hi Ludovico, your site is great congratulations

From: Teresa Rios (
Date: Fri Aug 28 01:15:59 1998

ersa Salgueiro and new CD (O Porto)

You are right. She IS The Voice.

As a Brazilian "exiled" her in US, how can I get the new CD- O Porto?

You have a great site. It is already in my bookmark.


From: Aluisio Barbosa (
Date: Thu Aug 27 20:40:30 1998

the visit

Dear Ludovico,
I begin to translate my message for you, wen i discovery that my english "was" good!! ha!ha!
But, without the fear about the gramatic errors, i will try.
Thanks about your words, you know, you is a grat person, and i can see it through yours words.
I will try improve my english to a future message!! ha!

Aluisio Barbosa dos Santos
in a cold night of winter of Curitiba, 27 of august 1998.

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Sat Aug 22 19:56:21 1998

1000th guest in your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I am the 1000th guest in your site! This remarkable number is a sign...your site is truly great and, most of all, you are such a special guy that people love all that comes from you... Luckily, I am included in this list of fans of yours...
Thank you for being such a "Ludovico"!



From: Verónica T. Mazón (
Date: Wed Aug 19 22:42:14 1998


I want to thank you for let us share with you this passion of Madredeus, I'm in debt with you for all these incedible moments I have had visiting your site, reading your words.
I think is incredible how can you do so clear things about this passion of us that is Madredeus.
I hope I can enjoy you words and Madredeus words for a long time.
Your friend,

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Fri Aug 7 20:13:06 1998


Signs of Earth come to my ears, I hear you singing/
a different song from those I am used to sing along/
and all I needed, it seems, was just that song/
that the warm and distant winds insist on bringing/

Please, keep on singing this tender lullaby.../
These songs from distant shores could make me cry/
but I still need some tears to erase my sorrow.../

I would keep on asking the winds about my life/
but their could answers could hurt me as a knife/
and some pale stars beg me to wait for tomorrow...

(a poem to a poet...)

From: David (
Date: Fri Aug 7 13:04:53 1998

Well, i´m a great Madredeus-Fan as well. I´m really fascinated by their music, especially Theresa´s voice is wonderfull. One of my greatest wishes is to see Madredeus live in my city of dreams, in Lisboa.
Well, just another thing, is there anybody who has some tabs of Madredeus or who knows where to get some?
For now it´s enough, maybe sombody of you sents me an e-mail, adeus, David from Germany...

From: Laura E. Medina (
Date: Sun Jul 26 21:20:26 1998

My obsession with Madredeus

I listened to Madredeus' music (O Paraíso) for the first time, a little over a month ago. Since then, I've been obsessed with it. I still cannot put into words the emotions Teresa's voice provoke in me. The feelings are very real, though. I am glad there are others who feel the same, and are able to express it so beautifully. Thanks.

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Wed Jul 22 17:21:54 1998

I made a mistake in my last message...

Sorry, my friend... I wrote that "I didn't even think of putting your site as a link in my homepage" but it was just the opposite! It was the first thing I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Brazilian fan,


From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Wed Jul 22 17:17:52 1998

"Porto calmo de abrigo, de um futuro maior..."

Precious and unique friend Ludovico,

every time I visit your homepage it is more delightful... and there is always something new in it! Your homepage incentivated me to create my own's, a poor one, but I didn't even think of putting your homepage as a link in mine... Your cyber tribute is one of the most beautiful love declarations once made to MadreDeus' music, but I am also enchanted about the sensible person we can see in ecery single word you wrote here... Thanks for sharing with us your passion is a so remarkable way...
Your Brazilian friend and fan,

P.S.: I included your homepage in some search programs in Brazil... I hope you don't mind... Good things like this ought to be shown! And your homepage is, for me, always a "porto calmo de abrigo"...

From: Lusitano (
Date: Mon Jul 20 03:58:20 1998

Introspecçao Expansiva

Parabens pelo sito dedicado aos Madredeus.
Para mim, como Lisboeta "esilado" em outras terras por um estranho "fado" è sempre um prazer sentir a minha terra "bem querida" por outras pessoas. Tudo obra, obviamente, da musica divina dos MADREDEUS que cantam a "alma lusitana". Por demasiados anos o povo portugues virou-se de costas para o resto da Europa ficando a contemplar o "mar". Os Madredeus, con a sua musica, foram os primeiros a enfrentar o resto do mundo com coragem, partilhando assim fazendo, a cultura, a poesia, o sentimento da "alma lusitana". Um obrigada a eles e um obrigada tambem para ti , Ludovico, pela enorme contribuiçao. Com cada musica nova dos Madredeus a palavra "saudade", mesmo sem traduçao, vem compreendida e sentida cada vez por mais pessoas.
Um abraço

From: Xavier Carrillo de Albornoz Queralt (
Date: Sun Jul 19 16:09:18 1998

Beautiful Music

I was in love with Madredeus music and I only want to say:


From: Koji KATO (
Date: Sat Jul 18 11:07:21 1998

What a graet site ! !

I'm excited at this site.
Can I put a link on my homepage?

Date: Wed Jul 15 17:54:33 1998



From: paolo (
Date: Mon Jul 6 18:29:16 1998

gia' lo sai......

Cosa posso aggiungere di piu' sul tuo sito,oltre le poesie ed i complimenti?

From: Verónica (
Date: Sun Jul 5 02:46:47 1998


Hi!, I'm finally here, this site of yours is just great
How many things have I said to you about what you do with your passion for Madredeus and how many more could I say; it's incredible to see what you have built.


Your friend Verónica

From: Robertson Frizero Barros (
Date: Thu Jul 2 01:11:55 1998

"Eu só conheço este caminho do Paraíso..."

Dear friend Ludovico,

passions would never need to be explained... But you did it wonderfully in this homepage of yours! MadreDeus has this power of changing things, changing people's lives, channging ideas and feelings... I am pretty sure your life was deeply touched by the music of this fantastic Portuguese group... It is marked in every word of truly enchaaantment you wrote down in this cyber monument to true music... Congratulations!

Robertson Frizero Barros

P.S.: Thank you for including some poor words of me in your aphorisms section!!!

From: Fabricio Muller (
Date: Wed Jul 1 09:22:03 1998


Congratulations Ludovico for your site.

From: Susana Figueiredo (
Date: Tue Jun 30 14:10:15 1998

Very Impressive!!

I'm very impressed by your love of this band. For a young man, you're very passionate. "Bello".

From: Vicky Go (
Date: Mon Jun 29 17:04:05 1998

First Visit

Hi! I think you analysis of Madredeus music is impressive. It must sound better in Portuguese. I too was "ensnared" by AINDA and utterly charmed by "alfama". I love the tango beat and that was why I was drawn to Alfama, although until you mentioned the tango connection I couldn't quite explain why. Now I know why!

Keep critiquing!


From: Nelson (
Date: Sat Jun 20 11:55:57 1998

Looking very cool thus far!

It is great to see that there is at least one other person in the world passionate enough about Madredeus to devote a web site to them. Well done!! I will eagerly visit these pages time and time again. Viva Madredeus! Thanks for your email Corvinus and good luck with your pages. Love it!!