Interview with Teresa Salgueiro, transmitted in 98.5 F.M, Mexico city, on April 6.
Jordi Soler . Mexican Milestone of locution, Radio, and Literature.Author of novels, poems and songs.
J : Teresa, in the last concerts in México you played material from your
last album "O Paraíso", what will we listen next Friday?
T : This show is richer than the previous, we will play a selection from the past albums, we include some songs that we think that we must play always, but we will give a more complete show, playing songs from all the albums.
J : How much does Wim Wenders influence helped Madredeus to spread its music all over the world ?
T : Well, Wim and we are very good friends, but the kind of music that Madredeus plays has been always in the same genre, the traditional fado of our country, Portugal, this feeling exists even before of the release of
Lisbon Story. Anyway, the film gave us a international impact, that, honestly, is a surprise for us.
J : Lisbon Story have a strong link with Madredeus' music, maybe that cause a much stronger effect when you play live, don`t you think?
T : Yeah, in a sense, much of the audience always expect us to play
music from Ainda, but that doesnīt make a conflict with us, in fact
they usually accept the music from other albums. Lisbon Story its a strong link with Portugal, the Saudade,
and the Fado. Itīs a pride to represent our culture worldwide.
J .What do you think about mexican music?
T : As musician we respect pretty much the mexican music. In some sense,
the genre of the Bolero have a strange link with the Fado, it`s very
nostalgic. The Mariachi are great also.
J : Finally what do you like to cook ?
T : ( She laughs) Generally pastes, i like pastes je !
J : Good luck Teresa !
T . bye