Madredeus live and shows fully in the live exhibition of its music. Since the beginning. On this dimension lays a serie of themes near to Madredeus like the one of the voyage, of the peregrination, of the "missionary" duty. And to this dimension is strictly linked the social role of this group: the voyage seen as a way to witness with the music the unity of the peoples, of the spirits, of the feelings.
"Lisboa", live recording of a concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon of the 1991, allows us to see or better, to listen, the exhibition of a moment of Madredeus really far from the one portrayed in "O Porto". And allows us to understand in which way the true identity of Madredeus has always been the same and that its true manifestation happens in the concerts, in front of an audience, in the uniqueness of every theater. I am talking about that intimistic, brotherly and benevolent identity that transform every concert of Madredeus in a calm communion of feelings, states of mind and passions. Madredeus change, change the music, change the theaters, change the years and the spirits but the identity of Madredeus is the same.
If you want, you can think about Madredeus as a white, pure and intense light, inexplicable sum of all the colours of the spirit; every concert will have its own atmosphere, its own "color", determined by the reflection of this light on the soul of the people, but the source will always be the same, white, like the sun.

In Lisboa you will find a rural, bucolic of Madredeus, apparently far from the bloody and arabesqued one of "O Porto", but if you will have the patience to listen and, most of all, to feel, you will see that nothing has changed, that everything flows but the soul remains.
Teresa sings differently, in a concentrate, perfect, almost shy way, but in her voice you will inevitably find the distinct traits that you have found in "O Porto", as it is possible to find in the eyes of every daughter the look of the mother.
The songs are different, the tone is different, the atmosphere are different, the implied spiritual dimension is different, but nothing is changed in the "respect towards every musical note" as Enriq Blanc says, nothing has changed in the perception of the meaning of music, of the meaning of the exhibition on the stage, of the meaning of the act of bringing your music in front of the people of other countries, of other cities.

I remember as it was yesterday the day in which I found "Lisboa" in its import version from US in a shop of my city. I remember the moments in which the container of the cd danced on my legs during my ride toward home on my bicycle. I remember when I entered at home and ran toward my room and after having put the cd in the Hi-Fi and having thrown myself on the bed I listened the first live notes of Madredeus in my life. It was "Matinal" and then "A Cidade" and all the other songs in almost two hours in which I didn't perceive anything apart from the flowing of music from my ears to my heart. I thank Madredeus for those moments of happiness in which I was paralyzed in my bed as a convalescent: a convalescent who was extremely happy of his illness.


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