We would like to thank all the people that allowed this project to continue and fulfill its objectives.
For this reason we thank a lot Sèrgio Freitas, Guillermo Vega Zaragoza, João Lisboa, the Expresso, Juan Arturo Brennan, Márcio César Pereira dos Santos and all the other people that helped us in many, direct or indirect ways.
They are too many to tell, but we thank all those extraordinary people.




This is a virtual journal that is released every three months in the site Madredeus - O Porto.
The only responsible is Corvinus. He is the one who makes, creates, builds and maintains online all this material.
Many photos that are shown in this journal are taken without permission. Where possible, we have signaled the origin of those photos.
If you think that your rights have been violated by us, please send us a mail and we will delete your "stolen" properties.

In this site I publish many of the things that the Madredeus fans send me by mail.
If you want to collaborate to the building of this journal, please send your thoughts, doubts, poems, images, everything, to Corvinus. This is the way in which we gather our informations. This is the way in which we collect all those articles and images. We will not publish everything, but if you send something good, we will publish it for sure.


Madredeus - O Porto

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