I'm a bit emotioned in writing the first editorial of this journal, the first editorial of my life. But it is quite a good sensation. I feel alive for that.
I started that project of "De Madredeus" just to see what would have been the reaction of the fans and also of the group to that. It is a long time that I write many things on Madredeus and that I read considerations and declarations of love and emotion directed to Madredeus. So, I decided to propose a rational and organized way to declare our feelings: a journal.
I hope, for this reason, that this editorial can be the first of a long series. I just hope, but the destiny of this project are in your hands.

I am writing now this short editorial in a moment of stasis in the process of discovering the Madredeus concept and the reflections that it have in my heart. I am listening now to other musics, thinking about other problems, other matters (even because of study), and so I felt as Madredeus music retired itself in my inner ego, in the part of me that I rarely reach but that is always present in my irrational behaviours. At the first times I was afraid of that because I couldn't see anymore the direct influence of Madredeus art in my life. I didn't listen to it anymore, I didn't have it in my mind anymore. I feared to lose them, to lose the passion, to lose the strength of the feeling.
So, one day, I made the trial. I put in the stereo a CD of Madredeus (don't ask me which one... :-) ), after listening for one hour the Koln Concert of Keith Jarrett. I was afraid. I feared that I would have not felt anything after the storms of passion contained in the concert of Jarrett. I listened and I waited. The first notes... I felt as the warm breeze of the Madredeus atmosphere was blowing again on me. A different part of me arise after the long sleep, that part that has grown in me after listening to Madredeus for two years. It was like returning home after a long travel. A travel which brought me to distant shores and places; places of beauty, passion, almost heavenly.... but the homeland remains always the homeland. And I discovered in that way that Madredeus is the homeland of my heart, of my soul.
Now I know that whatever I will listen, whatever I will feel, whatever I will suffer, Madredeus will continue to build around me with its music the warm walls of home.
I hope that many of you can have the same sensation of belonging. Madredeus is the land I belong to.



Madredeus - O Porto

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