A Fairy Tale


When I saw the castle on top of the hill I knew it at to be.. Here I was, so near I could not stay outside now, we had to find a way.. The car climbed the hill ,the castle grew bigger and bigger, we saw people, so many people.. Sergio hesitated, should we ask? Yes off course, we should, we should! And all of a sudden things went so quick. Like someone twisted a magic stick, like glitters and lighting blinded us for a moment, like landing on our feet in another world, with in our hand: two tickets for Madredeus..
We laughed like children being unexpectedly free, we almost skipped our way down to the centre of that fairy-castle. Surrounded by those ancient walls we sat and waited.. I looked around at all those people being so lucky to be there, and I looked at Sergio who couldn't wait till the music would start. And I looked above to the dark blue sky and the billion stars.. and I thought: this must be a fairy-tale. This is a fairy-tale.
And there the princess came, in her beautiful black dress accompanied by her musicians. And she spoke about war, outside of the castle, far away, but so near in our hearts. Because in fairy-tales you always have the good and the bad.. And then we were silent, we all stood there in the silent night, it was a sad sad song to start with. But an impressive one....
And then the music began and lifted up our sad hearts, and brought smiles in a minute, for a brief moment tears welt up, tears that come just because of beauty... And the princess sang .She sang endlessly. And the musicians played there heavenly music. And the princess danced. And the princess smiled. Eternity was there, in that castle on the hill, under those billion lights...
And it still sings on , I am still dreaming.. I don't know whether it was for real or not, whether it was this world or another, whether I was awake or asleep. What I feel is real. And what I remember. And what is still playing and singing in my soul.

Esther Gomes


Madredeus - O Porto

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